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The Softlight laser used by Truelase to treat unwanted hair is Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser that has different wavelength 532 nm, 785nm and 1064nm. All medical lasers are named after the solid, liquid or gas material used to produce the laser light. The Nd:YAG laser is made from a solid crystal consisting of neodymium, yttrium, aluminum and garnet. The YAG crystal within the device is activated to produce a laser energy from a lamp, which produces light in every short intense pulses.

The Q-switch Nd:YAG laser, like all other lasers, is comprised of four primary components: The laser medium, the optical cavity in which the laser medium sits, an energizing or activating power supply and a delivery system which takes the laser energy from the point of production to the actual treatment site. In the YAG delivery system, there are a series of hollow tubes that have mirrors at the joints so that the light may bounce from one mirror to the next until it is precisely delivered to the tissue.

The effect lasers have on the skin is a function of the color of light that is being produced, the specific characteristics of the skin and the amount of energy delivered. The YAG laser has been used successfully to treat benign pigmented lesions of skin and for the removal of TATTOOS. And, when combined with a special topical solution, the YAG is used for the safe and effective removal of unwanted hair.

The Nd:YAG laser was first developed in 1964 and was initially used for coagulating large blood vessels. More recently, the YAG laser has been substantially modified with a process known Q-switching. This process produces extremely short and powerful pulses of light and allows the laser to destroy the foreign pigments of tattoos and the melanin pigment found in brown spots on the skin without harming any of the surrounding tissue. Since this light is absorbed precisely by pigments, it can also be used in conjunction with a topical lotion to remove unwanted hair. When the lotion is applied to the skin and then exposed to short, high-energy pulses from the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, heating is precisely localized to the cells responsible for hair growth and does not harm any of the surrounding tissues or the skin.

The success of the Softlight treatment lies in the application of an exclusive topical lotion, which works in conjunction with the laser to remove hair. Unique to the lotion is its ability to penetrate deep into the hair follicle. The lotion is massaged into the skin to enhance penetrability of the laser light. Next, light from the Nd:YAG laser illuminates the skin. The light is absorbed only by the lotion and travels harmlessly through the skin to deliver heat and vaporize the cells responsible for hair growth. Since hair growth is cyclical in nature, Softlight recommends multiple treatments to ensure treatment of all hairs through full growth term.

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