Our Team

Skin Care & Laser Hair Specialist

Gladis Al Tannoury

Ms. Gladis is an Operating Manager Director of Truelase Beauty Clinic since 2016 till date, A Managing director and lead trainer of Laser Clinic in Lebanon since 1999 – 2017.

She is also a current member of Laser Hair Removal Society for Clinical and Medical Hair removal Inc. (USA) since 2007. Obtained her Full Qualification of Beauty therapist/Laser Operator & certified trainer in UK in 1997.

Al Salam Aalaykum.

Well, I am very passionate about my work, every day is a challenge for me to serve and guide my clients towards the best.

I treat all my clients as family and guide them as much as I can do on what they need as treatments, skin care routines, etc… I always look forward to treating them the same way as I like to be treated, which is the professional, ethical and kind way.
I am so blessed to have a big family of 4 boys and 2 girls, and they are my backbone. Spending time with them makes me feel very grateful and blessed. As hobbies, I like to read and search for new ways of making the skin younger and fresh, along with shisha and quality time with my family.

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General Doctor & Skin Care Specialist

DR. Sehrish Fahd Khan

Dr. Sehrish is a General Physician Aesthetics with 9 years of experience in field of Dermatology medicine and surgery holding MRCP and MRCGP from Royal College UK.

My name is Sehrish called by my family “Sehro”. I love to spend my time with my kids after my work. They are the only happiness I have in my life. I am inlove with this boy and girl who called me Mommy. Give respect and take respect is the rule of my life.

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Senior Skin & Laser Hair Therapist

Clarice Tacang

Clarice D. Tacang a registered Nurse by profession, Licensed laser hair removal therapist who has more than 15 years of dedication in the laser profession and undergoes several trainings in laser and different kinds of facials. Take care for you, to make a more beautiful you!

“Hi! My name is Clarice Tacang, My parents called me Bebie but my friends called me clar or claire. I love listening to instrumental music and sometimes doing some handicraft. My quote is “ Success is nothing more than a few simple discipline, practiced everyday.”

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Senior Skin & Laser Hair Therapist

Sheila Occillo

Sheila Occillo is a licensed Laser Technician who works in the laser field for almost 14 years. She is a professional and has a wide experience in skin and laser aesthetics.

“My name is Sheila, called  by my family and friends “she”. I love to spend my time apart from work, outdoor like beach. I love to swim, or just hanging around the beach. I’m a nature lover, enjoying God’s beautiful creation. I do love reading too. My favorite qoute is” The inner character of a person… is the true measure of LASTING GREATNESS.”

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Senior Skin & Laser Hair Therapist

Patricia Alapaap

Patricia Alapaap is a Licensed Laser Technician who works with dedication in this field. Working for 8 years in a Dermatology Clinic as a Medical Assistant in the Philippines and 11 years as Laser Therapist in Dubai UAE.

“Hello! My name is Patricia, Pat for short, A passionate person in every task given, has an exotic palate that loves to bake, cook and try out different cuisines, enjoys collecting recipe books and magazine, loves to travel and learn from other cultures, enjoys sitting at the park with a coffee on hand or at the beach side gazing on God’s wonderful creation. Nature lover in short, a health enthusiast. My life quote is: “Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. My life is a service to God.”

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General Nurse / Skin & Laser Hair Therapist

Lovelle Macabio

A registered nurse for 7 years and also works as a Laser Therapist for 3 years. “I love what I do and this motivates me to do my best at work. I’m always committed to quality and positive outcomes”.

 My name is Lovelle, they usually call me “belle”. I’m a person who likes binge-watching series or movies, travelling to see the beauty of the world and I love food tripping that’s why I also enjoy cooking. My favorite quote is “The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world.” By Ashley Rickards

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Assistant/ Client Coordinator

Patricia Ann Occillo & Jessica Ann Sarmiento

We are happy to welcome you in our clinic, to assist you with all our best that will make you feel home and comfortable.

Patricia Ann Occillo  – Hi! My name is Patricia Ann, “You can call me Ann”. I love music, it’s the best thing in my life. When I was a kid my dream job is to be a Waiter because I want to serve people though I  Finished Information Technology studies but Having my job now is a dream come true because costumer service is what I love. “Be Po-sitive and Practice Kindness everyday”.

Jessica Ann B. Sarmiento  Hi, my friends use to call me Jess, I’m just a simple girl with the huge love of the animals. My interest is watching movies, Biking and music. Humming and whistling made me relax. “In time of test, my family and friends are the best, that’s why I’m so blessed”

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